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We always have a quantity of Used Golf Buggies For Sale,
The majority are Yamaha , but we do have other makes .
Pricing is an area in which as so far as  golf buggies are concerned, the age does not always determine the value.
Condition and amount of use are the primary factors, and where electric buggies are concerned the age of the batteries is a determining factor, as a 4 year old buggy with original batteries will not generally command the same price as a 5  year old buggy with new batteries.
Also a group of buggies back off lease from a Golf Club that respects the equipment will be worth more than cars from a Golf Club that views cleaning and maintenance as an unnecessary chore.
Generally used cars are sold at four levels,
Level 1 is,  the top level, with new bodywork, seat, windscreen, battery,and serviced prior to sale.  with warranty
Level 2 is , good tidy condition,original bodywork/seat and windscreen, again serviced prior to sale.    with warranty
Level 3 is, what you see is what you get, sold in working or non working condition as a project for spares or repairs. no warranty
Level 4 is, Trade Sale to bona-fide , registered businesses, on a stop start steer basis , unwarranted.

Level 1  From 3000-00 + vat
Level 2 From 2250-00 +vat